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"good things fall in to place"

"good things fall in to place"


I've been on my own since I was 13 years old. Conard House has helped me regain my footin and take care of myself. I felt alone in my struggles but Conard House has build a community around me that supports me.

Slowly but surely, I am able to move forward in life.


"good things fall in to place"

"good things fall in to place"

"good things fall in to place"


My residential counselor at Conard House had only great expectations from me from DayOne. In the months that followed, I discovered I could make good things fall in to place: the volunteer stint at the museum, a part-time job in a bakery. (can you believe it?)

I have experienced a normal I was once told was impossible. I found new ways to hold on to my health - both emotional and physical. Conard House calls this "community-supported self-management."

I call it my "bonus" life.

~ Melissa


In their own words

 "You get slammed by this bout of depression, and then, when they let you out of the hospital, you find your life gone……with no forwarding address. ......You got no job, you can't afford a hole in the wall............Ya know, I spent months working on not being so damn depressed. Well, this ain't about me being depressed, this is about me being scared! 

Then, someone told me about the Washburn Residence at Conard. I just remember two details: a room may be available soon, and could I come by for a visit and an interview. I moved in and put my life back together one piece at a time – a class at City College, a volunteer job at a food pantry. And now a Conard Coop."


Be a part of the solution

Together we can build a community where everyone can live and work with dignity and respect.