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 Our Mission is to build welcoming communities and caring relationships that empower people  and restore hope.  

Current News


60th Anniversary

2020 marks the 60th Anniversary of Conard House.

Stayed tuned for more info.

The Conard Commitment


Fulfilling our Mission

Each year, Conard House serves more than 1,500 adults through its welcoming, caring and empowering communities.

We provide transformative, community-based resources to vulnerable adults in San Francisco.

Such resources - housing, counseling, jobs and money management - help residents and clients find healthy pathways to recovery and self-manage complex adverse conditions. 

 We fulfill Our Mission by: 


  • Promoting long-term independent living in secure well-maintained housing.
  • Fostering personal insight into illness and recovery.
  • Providing job referrals and retention services.
  • Helping our clients understand and negotiate public income benefits and the public mental health and health systems of care. homeless nonprofit


Our Impact

We house 700 adults year round.

The average length of stay in long-term housing at Conard House is 10 years.

During that time residents are able to stabilize their mental health, adapt to community living, learn and use job skills, return to school. Our long-term housing prevents re-hospitalization, incarceration and recurring homelessness.

We manage annual public income benefits of $11 million for 1,100 people, including 300 residents. The impact is that their rent is always current, there is money for food and clothing, and for personal use.

Each year more than 36% of our residents benefit from our specialty mental health services. The impact is a reduction of symptoms and functional impairments. This improves daily functioning and life skills for community living.

25% of our residents benefit from reintroduction to meaningful work and paid jobs. In many cases, these are real jobs where people are able to earn more disposable income to help positively restructure their way of life. nonprofit


Our Horizon

The demand for more of the transformative resources we offer has never been greater. Our long-term planning now extends into 2022 and beyond.

The City of San Francisco has pre-qualified Conard House to expand our housing program to serve more homeless adults.

The City of San Francisco has also asked us to expand our small scattered-site apartment co-op program.

Clinical services and money management services will come with these expansions. Both are necessary in order to make capacity-building sustainable.

We are working on a capital plan to finance the conversion of a four-story Single Room Occupancy building into a five-story studio apartments for current residents aging in place.

Conard House will celebrate its 60th anniversary in May 2020.

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