Ongoing support makes the difference between success and failure. 


Supportive Housing

Conard House manages eight well-maintained residential hotels in the Tenderloin and South of Market. These supportive housing units offer counseling, community involvement and coordination of essential services, including health navigation and self-management training. In addition, Conard House also leases and supports groups of four to six residents sharing private apartments throughout San Francisco.



Chronic medical conditions these days often overshadow behavioral health symptoms that were once our sole concern.  Today more than one-third of the 712 residents within our 10 supportive housing communities reflect two stark underlying realities:  a pervasive disengagement in self-care and a tragic failure to access health care that is available.  From any perspective – human, public health, societal – both realities are too costly to ignore. 

We believe both are best addressed through our Health Navigation Service in which Conard House Peer Health Navigators work with our least-engaged, highest-risk residents to connect face-to-face with primary care doctors, pharmacists, dentists and opthalmologists.


Money Management & Advocacy

Many adults living with mental conditions and other challenging social situations lack practical skills in managing their money—which puts them at risk of becoming homeless, along with a host of related problems.

Conard House offers money management and client advocacy services to more than 1,100 adults at three Tenderloin and South of Market Community Services Centers. We counsel clients on the most effective ways to stretch their limited resources. We also directly handle finances for clients, disbursing client funds for rent, food, clothing and personal needs.



Conard House clients want and need the structure provided by work but often require help in preparing for and dealing with employment.

We offer a pathway to employment, moving from volunteer, to part- and full-time employment opportunities. The program includes vocational assessment, counseling, job placement and job retention services. Conard House often employs its residents as health navigators, desk clerks, janitorial staff and messengers. Many of these residents eventually "graduate" to employment in the larger community.


SF Connected Training Programs

Conard House is proud to offer computer and internet training as a sub-recipient of the Broadband Opportunity Program Grant, under the City of San Francisco’s Department of Aging and Adult Services.  Introduction to Computers and the Internet and Open Lab Hours are now being offered at our Computer Lab at 160 Ninth Street.  In addition to the standard courses, students are encouraged to attend the open lab and work on individual lesson plans. 

Please check our Calendar for a current list of classes and check back soon for added courses and sites.

For more information please contact Rostom at (415) 864 - 7833 x225.


Courier program

The FIU Department enlists the help of several couriers to work part-time jobs to deliver important documents to all Conard House sites in San Francisco.

The couriers are residents and clients of Conard House and the program is designed in such a way that the couriers are able to improve on their life skills and job skills. 

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