Rohan Bafna, Chair

Ali Raheem, Vice Chair

Ben Moerman, Secretary

Zahid Jafry, Treasurer

Saba Rehmani

Sophie Wu

Manish Bhatia

Dayton Thorpe


 Richard Heasley, Executive Director

Mark Bennett,  Chief Operations Officer

Louise Foo, Ph.D. , Director of Clinical Services

Liliana Suarez, Director of Supportive Housing & Community Services

Paul Schmidt, Director of Property Management

Robyn Neither-Gold, Director of Finance

Roxie Uyeda, Controller

Carol Kossler, Director of Administrative Services

Angie Brown, Director of Sponsor Development

our Board

The role of our all-volunteer Board of Directors is to establish and promote the Mission, promote strategic initiatives, create organizational policies, set priorities, raise private funds, authorize our operating budget, preserve corporate assets and assure the integrity of services to 1,500 annual clients.


We seek candidates with a primary interest or expertise relevant to our work. External consumers of similar services provided by other organizations are encouraged to apply. Past experience on board or committees of nonprofit organization is preferred. 


interested in becoming a board member for conard house?

A prospective Board candidate can be brought to the attention of the Board by providing his or her name, address, phone numbers and relevant background to Rohan Bafna, Board Chair.

Send an email to rohan@conard.org to find out more.