Conard House provides services funded by: 

  • the San Francisco Department of Public Health - Behavioral Health Services
  • the San Francisco Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing
  • the San Francisco Department of Disability and Adult Services
  • the San Francisco Human Services Agency
  • the San Francisco Housing Authority 
  • the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development 
  • service fees from organizations
  • rents from residents
  • grants from foundations and gifts from donors




Conard House is proud of the company we keep, as a charter member or member of the: 

  • United States Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association
  • California Association of Social Rehabilitation Agencies
  • San Francisco Human Services Network
  • San Francisco Supportive Housing Provider Network
  • San Francisco Mental Health Contractors Association
  • Council of Community Housing OrganizationCentral City SRO Collaborative


Evolve Fitness Center

Evolve Fitness Center provides free fitness classes to resident, clients, and staff of Conard House. Evolve Fitness believes that a healthy lifestyle is a key ingredient to a happy life. 


Sky Seeker

Sky Seeker is a band based in San Francisco, CA. Formed in 2017, one of the band's primary goal is to use music as a tool to educate people about Homelessness. 10% of the band's ticket sales from each of their shows goes towards the purchase of groceries and toiletries for the homeless of San Francisco.


Faye's Cupcakes

Faye's Cupcakes is a small local business in the Bay Area. On a regular basis, owner Faye comes in to teach free baking classes to staff and residents. Faye emphasizes on presenting healthier alternatives to the conventional high sugar content of baked goods. 

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