Computer Lab Tech Support Volunteer


Learn more about our

SF Connected Program.

Contact Rostom at 

(415) 864 - 7833 x225 

Food Distribution at Supportive Housing Sites


Please contact Isabella Collins at  (415) 864 - 7833  to find out the schedule for food distribution at one of our sites.

Volunteer Mentor Financial Literacy


Contact Liliana Suarez, Director of Supportive Housing and Community Services for more information.

 (415) 864 - 7833 



Help our residents learn new professional and life skills, and make new friends all at the same time!

Contact Ernestine Jensen at (415) 864 - 7833 to learn more.

Personal Needs


Please take a second to see if any of your items are still usable before throwing them out. Cleaning supplies and toiletries are very essential to any household.

Volunteers can both provide and/or help distribute items.

Contact Isabella Collins at (415) 864 - 7833 to learn more.

Host a Reception


Host an event to raise funds for Conard House's work.

Contact Angie Brown, Director of Sponsor Development at          

(415) 864 - 7833