Staff Corner


Welcome the newest members of the Conard House Team:

  • Kenedy Musasizi
  • Clifton Smith II
  • Francisca Segura

Visit our Job Opportunities page to find out about current employment opportunities.

thank you to our frontliners


The Lyric

The Conard House community would like to give a big shout-out to Emily, Sarah and Ava for their hard work and dedication in keeping us all safe during this difficult time. 

Among many other qualities, The Lyric Team is known for being reliable, cheerful and fun to work with.  


The mcallister

Meet the property management team for The McAllister. Dave, Angel, Robert, and Gary. They are Conard House frontliners who make sure that everything in the building is functioning properly, clean, and hygenic at all times.  


The midori

Conard House residents at The Midori would like to give a big thank you to Travis and Yeldar for always going the extra mile to take care of everyone at the site during these tough times. Travis and Yeldar are known for always being one step ahead in responding to residents' needs.



Coco is a member of the Property Management Team. She provides comfort and support to both staff and visitors with her friendly and relaxed demeanor.